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 +**Samba KDC Settings**
 +====== Samba4 DC Kerberos token settings ======
 +Samba defaults kerberos tickets expiry values to the following, in some environments it might not be practical that the user TGT expire after 10 hours.
 +Samba 4's KDC ticket life can be controlled using the parameters in smb.conf the values take integer values and the values should be the hours the tickets should be valid.
 + ​kdc:​service ticket lifetime = 1
 + ​kdc:​user ticket lifetime = 24
 + ​kdc:​renewal lifetime = 120
 +In the above example the service tickets are valid for 1 hour before the Samba has to reissue them user TGT tickets are valid for 24 hours before needing them to be renewed. Tickets can be renewed for a maximum of 5 days from the date of original issue.
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